NTC provides free listings in its classifieds section for tribal members to advertise their business as an agent, independent entrepreneur, or as a business owner or co-owner. Listings should have full contact information, business name, and location & open hours (if applicable). Please submit your listing to Argent Kvasnikoff at the NTC Administration Office at 907-567-3313 or E-Mail:

Alaska’s Event Designer – Soldotna, AK
Special Event Consultant & Coordination
by Shay Jackinsky
Phone: 907-398-3112

Arctic General Contracting – Ninilchik, AK
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
Contact: Andy Boyle
Phone: 907-567-1057

Springer Real Estate Group-Kenai, AK

Ninilchik Area Realtor 
Torvold, Hansen
36901 Mallard Road
Kenai, AK 99611
Agent Phone: 907-299-3317 Office Phone: 907-283-3969
Fax: 907-235-9507

Handmades by Jamie – Ninilchik, AK
Beautiful Gifts From Ninilchik
by Jamie Leman
Phone: 907-567-3361

High Five Awards & Engraving – Anchorage, AK
Truly Memorable Client Service
Contact: Ray Bouwens
3307 Boniface Pkwy, Lot 9A
Anchorage, AK 99504
Phone: 907-337-1099

Jackson Enterprises – Soldotna, AK
Home Heating Oil Service
Delivery to the Ninilchik area
Phone: 907-262-4159
Mobile: 907-398-4157
Fax: 907-262-4130

Monitor VBS – Homer, AK
Heating Products, Oil, Propane, Wood, & Non-Electric Sales & Service
Contact: Mark Vial, Owner
1225 Lake Shore Dr.
Homer, AK 99603
Phone: 907-235-9394
Mobile: 907-399-1972

Mosquito Enterprises – Anchor Point, AK
Diddly Bows, Greeting Cards, Wire & Ivory Jewelry, Note Cards, & More!
Contact: Bob Crosby
Phone: 907-235-2140

Poet of the Earth Art Studio & Gallery – Ninilchik, AK
Contact: Susan Welsh-Smith
PO Box 39362
Ninilchik, AK 99639
Phone: 907-567-3655

Shoreline Paving – Anchor Point, AK
Contact: Tom Clark
PO Box 962
Anchor Point, AK 99556
Phone: 907-299-2422
Fax: 907-235-2887

Skemo Services – Clam Gulch, AK
Stump Clearing & Landscaping
Contact: Jon James, Owner
Phone: 907-394-6201