Elections: Self-Governance by the People

 The Ninilchik Traditional Council carries out elections for:

  • The NTC Council (Board of Directors)
  • Tribal court judges*
  • and any resolutions, initiatives, or amendments requiring a vote of the tribal membership

The definition of a voting tribal member is defined in Article VII of the Ninilchik Tribal Constitution as follows:

“Tribal members must be registered to vote in order to participate in any election of the Ninilchik Tribe. Only enrolled, full members who are direct, lineal descendants of families with ancestral ties to the village of Ninilchik, who are eighteen years of age or older and who reside within the State of Alaska shall be eligible to register to vote pursuant to provisions of the election ordinance. Other enrolled, full tribal members who do not have ancestral ties to the village of Ninilchik but who are registered to vote on August 17, 2004 shall be eligible to vote in all future tribal elections in accordance with provisions of the election ordinance. Tribal members who no longer reside in the State of Alaska shall lose their status as registered voters and are not eligible to vote.”

NTC Elections are held once a year prior to the Annual Meeting of the Tribal Membership and are conducted by mail-in ballot with a deadline of the second Monday of November. Results are posted by the Election Committee and are made official if uncontested after the deadline to contest.

All voting tribal members are encouraged to routinely maintain their contact information with the Tribal Services department in order to promptly receive important election material including notices and ballots.

Are you a lineal tribal member living in Alaska who is turning 18? If you are 18 on or before the year’s election registration deadline you can register to vote! Registration is a one time requirement unless you make your permanent residency outside of Alaska and return, in which case you would need to register again.

*The Ninilchik Tribal Court is currently inactive.


Election Committee

The NTC Election Committee is made up of three volunteer members of the public without tribal affiliation. They volunteer to act as an unbiased party in the NTC Election and carry out the essential functions of the annual elections. Duties of the committee include receiving, inspecting, and counting ballots, as well as reporting election results. The committee is guided by Elections Officer Christina Pinnow.

Current Election Committee Members

  • Becky Hamilton
  • John McCombs
  • Robert Welch

Please contact us for more information about NTC Elections and the calendar of election dates for the upcoming year. Voting tribal members also have access to a list of all registered voters and their mailing addresses available in the Administration office.

Elections Contact: Christina Pinnow


Council Election Cycle

Council seat terms are three years and staggered over three cycles, which means there is at least one council seat up for election each year. The current election cycles are:

  • 2017: R. Greg Encelewski, W. Dean Kvasnikoff
  • 2018: Jamie Leman
  • 2019: Whitney Schollenberg, Kenny Odman