Elders Outreach Program

Naditq’azhna – Our Elders

Elders Outreach Program Mission

The Elders Outreach Program is an organization of the Ninilchik Traditional Council whose purpose is providing services to Elders, 55 and over, in our tribal bounderies that enhance quality of life, integrity of heritage and emblematic of respect and dignity, continuously promoting independant living while simultaniously capturing the history and traditions of our culture.


Eligibility Requirements

All Alaska Natives 55 years of age or older within the Ninilchik tribal boundaries or neighboring Cook Inlet areas. This is only a tool to help establish our goals, however we will always be mindful to help the Elders in our community who served on our behalf and extend our hand when available to open our doors and offer our services.


Services and Cultural Opportunities

If you would like to be a part of future cultural harvest opportunities or have ideas for ways to continue to spread the bounty or social events, please don’t hesitate to call. Previous and future events include trips to Polly Creek for Razor Clams, Educational Fishery for Salmon, Local Tour to SeaLife Center in Seward, Hooligan Fishing in Kenai River and local moose butchery.

Elders Luncheons

Elders Luncheons are served weekly for tribal elders and their guests and they provide a regular place for sharing, storytelling, and togetherness. The luncheons are provided every Monday at Noon at the NTC Subsistence Building located at 15750 Sterling Highway in Ninilchik. All elders and their guests are invited to attend and the meals are provided at no cost, however there is a suggested donation jar for non-elders and guests which is used to help fund the elders program and related cultural events. Please note that elders luncheons will now be held every Monday, including holidays!


About the Elders Outreach Program Coordinator 

Tiffany picture

Tiffany Stonecipher is a Ninilchik tribal member and has served as the Elders Outreach Program Coorindator since 2012. She is dedicated to the cultural enrichment of the Ninilchik tribe through the elders program and is an advocate for seniors’ issues, life long education, volunteerism, and traditional subsistence activities. Tiffany is a graduate of Ninilchik High School and the Culinary Arts Program of the Art Institute of Seattle. With her outlook of positivity and empowerment she continues to provide resources and support for the Ninilchik elders to uphold traditional values and inspire the next generations.





Other Elders Resources

The Ninilchik Senior Center is a fantastic organization and facility which provides services and activities for all seniors in the Ninilchik area including a daily community meal. Visit their web site at ninilchikseniors.org for more information.


A Message from Tiffany

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to call me at 907-567-3370 Ext. 2, or stop by my office located in the NTC Community Outreach offices next to the NTC Community Clinic. If I am offsite you can always reach me on my cell phone at 907-953-0273.

Thank You!