Child Care

Child Care Program


  • Guardians/individuals caring for Native children residing within tribal boundaries.
  • Requirements for caregivers include undergoing a background check, necessary safety inspections, and having a valid business license from the State of Alaska.
  • Parents or guardians are required to show proof of employment or educational program enrollment to qualify their children for care.

The Child Care Program allows Native children to have access to reliable care in a home environment when their parents or guardians are at work or attending educational courses. The program is flexible by being able to serve children in two ways: by having caregivers hosted in the child’s home (a babysitting style environment) or the caregiver hosting child care in their home (a home daycare style environment).

Potential caregivers must have a business license valid in the State of Alaska. For more information about getting a business license please visit the state’s business licensing webpage at The Tribal Services staff is also available to help caregivers navigate the business licensing process.
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Child Care Program Contact: Bettyann Steciw