Enrollment: Who is a member of the Ninilchik Tribe?

The Ninilchik Tribe consists of Ninilchik descendants as well as other Alaska Native and American Indian people who have previously met application criteria and were accepted for membership based on recommendations using the Ninilchik Tribal Constitution as guidelines.  The current criteria includes being a direct, lineal descendant of a family with ancestral ties to the village of Ninilchik.

NTC Enrollment Officer Christina Pinnow maintains tribal enrollment records in accordance to regulations set by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and standards set by the voting tribal membership and Council. She is also the primary contact for tribal members for membership records services.

If you need to:

  • Get a renewed tribal ID card
  • Get a copy of verification of enrollment
  • Notify NTC of a name change
  • Begin the process of disenrollment (in most cases it is necessary to do this in order to become a member of a different tribe)
  • Update your contact information and mailing address
  • or Begin the tribal membership application process

Please call Christina Pinnow at 907-567-3313 or e-mail chris@ninilchiktribe-nsn.gov.


Enrollment Committee

The NTC Enrollment Committee is made up of tribal member volunteers who review enrollment policy and enrollment applications to make recommendations of approval or disapproval based on the Ninilchik Tribal Constitution.
Current Enrollment Committee Members

  • Christina Pinnow, NTC Enrollment Officer
  • Doris Kelly
  • Marla Kvasnikoff
  • Jamie Leman
  • Sheri Liebenthal
  • Linda Painter