Middle School & High School

Johnson O’Malley Program at Ninilchik School


  • Native students attending Ninilchik school demonstrating a need for assistance to fund participation in school activities and school-sponsored extracurricular activities.
  • Students may be in any of Ninilchik School’s grade levels up to and including 12th grade.

The Ninilchik Traditional Council serves native students of Ninilchik School through the Johnson O’Malley program fund. The fund provides students and their families assistance with paying a variety of school program costs including preschool fees, sports and extracurricular activity fees, summer camp program fees, and costs associated other school-sponsored activities such as participating in the Close Up program in Washington, DC.

This invaluable program was created from the passage of the Johnson O’Malley Act by the US Congress in 1934 to help native students across the country engage in a broad spectrum of educational opportunities throughout their childhood and youth. Students who participate in early learning programs, educational camps, and extracurricular activities tend to get higher grades and demonstrate positive life skills throughout their adult lives.

Johnson O’Malley Program Contact: Christina Pinnow


Summer Youth Employment (Administered by Cook Inlet Tribal Council)


  • Native youth ages 14 to 21 demonstrating socioeconomic barriers.

The Tribal Services department offers a summer youth employment program in conjunction with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s Rural Youth Services program. Participants receive mentoring on being new to a workplace and undergo a skills evaluation to help find placement in a part time summer job in the Ninilchik area. While in the program youth learn basic job skills related to a variety of fields, depending on host employer, to help them become an established member of the economy while overcoming their socioeconomic obstacles.

Participants in the program go on to their college years with invaluable work experience that provides social and coping skills in both higher learning and work situations.

CITC Summer Youth Employment Ninilchik Contact: Christina Pinnow


Youth Fish Camp Days


  • Native youth ages 9 to 18

During summer the Tribal Services department hosts day fishing camps for youth primarily in middle school to high school ages. The camps are held with the Ninilchik tribe’s Educational Fishery Permit at its North Ninilchik Beach site. Participants learn about traditional beach set-netting using skills that encourage sharing cultural knowledge and the principles of teamwork.

Other activities related to marine safety, ecological awareness, and traditional foods provide a well-rounded experience that incorporates a variety of skills.

Youth Fish Camp Contact: Christina Pinnow