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The Ninilchik Traditional Council’s Tribal Services Department is the heart of tribal member internal affairs and native outreach. Its services and functions can be categorized in three main branches: Tribal Operations, Education, and Social Services. These services cover a wide variety of functions including assisting the voting tribal membership with the tribal electoral process, providing tribal members references for educational opportunities, and advocating for eligible native families in crisis. The department serves tribal members as well as other Alaska Native or American Indian people who reside within tribal boundaries.

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About the Tribal Services Staff

Christina Pinnow
Tribal Services Director

Tribal Services Director Christina Pinnow leads the department’s programs and services, and she is also the NTC Enrollment Officer and NTC Elections Officer. In addition to overseeing the department’s projects she teaches the Early Learning Program during the regular school year and organizes several tribal youth activities and events throughout the year. Christina has over 15 years of experience working in the Tribal Services department and she is a strong advocate of helping families build bonds through education, culture, and self-determination.


Bettyann Steciw
Social Services & ICWA Specialist

Bettyann Steciw provides social services outreach for eligible native children and families, and she is the ICWA representative for the Ninilchik tribe. She also manages the Child Care program and advocates for native families to pursue foster parenting and adoption. Bettyann serves as a Tribal Court Judge and acts as the liaison for Ninilchik’s formative tribal court. She encourages everyone to find a positive outlook in every situation and believes that empathy is the first step to understanding and healing.