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Ninilchik Indian Housing Programs

The Ninilchik Traditional Council provides housing-related resources and advocacy for the Ninilchik tribal membership and all eligible Alaska Natives and American Indians living within Ninilchik’s tribal boundaries. Additionally to programs available for tribal members and Native people within boundaries, NTC also owns and operates the Tovarish Manor Apartments in Ninilchik for qualifying seniors. The Ninilchik Indian Housing Programs are owned collectively by the tribal membership and administered by NTC Housing Director Bob Crosby.

The Housing mission statement is to “Promote self-sufficiency through the development of affordable, safe, and decent housing opportunities for eligible Alaska Natives and American Indians residing within the Ninilchik Tribal boundaries,” and it reflects on the importance having adequate shelter has for tribal peoples to express their independence, cultural values, and self-determination.


Ninilchik Indian Housing Programs

Please view the following program pages for descriptions & printable applications. All housing program applications should be submitted to the NTC Administration Office or mailed to:

Ninilchik Traditional Council
Attn: Bob Crosby, Housing Director
P.O. Box 39070
Ninilchik, AK 99639

If you are unsure about parts of the application please feel free to submit as much as you can complete and set up an appointment with Bob to review how to best fill out the remaining fields and questions. Applications also require certain copies of identification cards, income records, etc., so please prepare the necessary copies described in the application process in advance if you are able.

Home Ownership | Home Rehabilitation & Modernization | Home Weatherization | Tovarish Manor Apartments | Snow Removal | Emergency Assistance

Tip from the Housing Director: Apply Early! Because housing projects are seasonal and vacancies at Tovarish Manor are minimal, waiting time for housing programs can be long depending on time of year and funding availability. The Housing Department encourages those interested in applying for a housing program to file an application as early as they can, even if they are still considering alternative living plans in the near future, because waiting lists may move quickly at any given time. Applicants can always withdraw their applications or decline acceptance if they do find an alternative housing solution.

Income Guidelines: Housing program applicants must be at or below income limits which are set by funding agency policies. The income limits change seasonally so please check the most current guidelines. Note: The Home Ownership program has an income minimum as well as a maximum.

Current Income Limits for Ninilchik Indian Housing Programs based on number of people per household as of 2014:

Income Maximums

1: $42,650, 2: $48,750, 3: $54,850, 4: $60,9000, 5: $65,800, 6: $70,650, 7: $75,550, 8: $80,400

Income Minimums (applies to Home Ownership program only)

1: $26,650, 2: $30,450, 3: $34,250, 4: $38,050, 5: $41,100, 6: $44,150, 7: $47,200, 8: $50,250

For guidelines on larger family sizes please contact Housing Director Bob Crosby.


Other Housing Resources

Housing also provides referrals and copies of applications to other housing related services provided by other agencies within Alaska. For more information about these programs please contact agency representatives directly listed on their application materials. The NTC Administration Office is a point of contact for many agencies and also provides copies of applications as a third party service. Other than information about tribal affiliation, NTC cannot give instruction about these applications because the programs are not administered by NTC in any way.

  • Heating Assistance Program – Administered by the State of Alaska

Alaska’s Division of Public Assistance provides assistance for people facing challenges keeping their homes heated during the winter months. The program pays partial expenses of home heating costs, which is calculated based on an assessment of needs.

Note: The application period for Heating Assistance is from October 1st through the winter to April 30th of each year, and the state does not accept applications outside of this window, except those from qualifying senior citizens who may apply with priority starting September 1st.

For more information about the program please visit the Heating Assistance webpage at http://dhss.alaska.gov/dpa/Pages/hap/default.aspx or call toll-free 1-888-804-6330

  • Scattered Sites (Individual Sanitation Facilities Project) Program – Administered by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Division of Environmental Health and Engineering funds projects to install or repair water and wastewater systems in Native-owned homes across the state. Applicants must provide details on their residence, property, and ownership. Waiting periods vary based on location and funding.

For a PDF application and more information about Scattered Sites please visit the ANTHC Scattered Sites webpage at http://www.anthc.org/cs/dehe/2009projects/scattered.cfm or call ANTHC at 1-907-729-3600


Housing Reports

1a 2017 APR Cover Letter

Ninilchik FFY 2017 APR IE Final



About NTC Housing Director Bob Crosby

Bob Crosby has been directing the Ninilchik Tribe’s housing programs for over 13 years and is experienced with housing policies as they are shaped by demographics, economics, and the health of the environment. He has seen numerous new homes and housing projects through the stages of needs outreach to concept, construction, and completion. As an advocate for those with housing needs, Bob works to give people a sense of ownership and responsibility that leads to personal and family fulfillment, which in turn benefits our communities’ health as a whole.

If you would like more information about the housing department and its services please call the NTC Administration Office at 567-3313 or e-mail bob@ninilchiktribe-nsn.gov