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The Ninilchik Traditional Council provides health services in the Ninilchik area and is also a source of assistance and referrals to other medical facilities in Alaska. Health and wellbeing are important tribal values and NTC encourages all people to improve or maintain their health of both body and mind. The principles of health and good medicine provide a strong foundation for personal achievements, community success, and cultural enrichment.

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NTC Community Clinic

The NTC Community Clinic is the Ninilchik Tribe’s Indian Health Service provider and any IHS eligible person or family can be seen at the clinic regardless of tribal affiliation. The clinic also provides basic and primary care to the public, and is a convenient and professional facility for medical visits, especially for those who cannot regularly drive the long distances needed to see their usual medical providers for everyday care.


NTC Community Outreach

The NTC Community Outreach office is in the left wing of the clinic facility on Kingsley Road and houses the NTC Behavioral Health and Elders Outreach programs, as well as the health administration offices. The outreach office is the point of contact for more information about behavioral health services and to make behavioral health appointments, information about clinic medical billing, and general health administration inquiries. It is also the point of contact for information about the Affordable Care Act and how Indian Health Service eligibility works with it’s compliance.


Ninilchik Health & Wellness Club

Located in the heart of Ninilchik’s business center the Ninilchik Health & Wellness Club is a tribally owned and operated full service gym and fitness center. In addition to its modern and ergonomic collection of gym equipment, the health club facilitates fitness courses and activities, physical therapy, yoga, tanning, and more. For more information about club membership see the Ninilchikl Health & Wellness Club page or call 907-567-3455.

Special Note Regarding Emergency Room Visits