Culture & Arts

The Ninilchik Tribe strives to maintain its historical and contemporary cultural identities and promote the arts in every aspect of our day to day lives. The Ninilchik Traditional Council also supports institutions and projects engaged in research, preservation, or the revitalization of the indigenous culture of communities within Ninilchik lands. Events and projects take place throughout the year to help serve the cultural and artistic interests of the tribe and the Kenai Peninsula. For more information on any culture and art program please view one of the following categories:

 Historical Culture & Preservation | Niqnalchint Library | Cultural Events & Activities

NTC Administrative Assistant Jennifer Gilbertson also works as Ninilchik’s Tribal Librarian and assists in the direction cultural and arts affairs.

For more information about arts and cultural programming or to make inquiries about cultural acquisitions please call the NTC Administration Office at 907-567-3313 or e-mail