The Ninilchik Traditional Council has six active official committees to address special issues, make recommendations to the council, and carry out certain tribal operations. Committee positions are filled by appointment among eligible individuals who volunteer to be in consideration. Tribal members interested on serving on a committee may contact its staff representative for more information.

Education Committee:

Shirley Chihuly, NTC Education Manager
Virginia Cuffe
Liz Kruzick
Jamie Leman
Susan Welsh-Smith
Whitney Schollenberg

Election Committee:

Becky Hamilton
John McCombs
Robert Welch

Enrollment Committee:

Christina Pinnow, NTC Enrollment Officer
Doris Kelly
Marla Kvasnikoff
Jamie Leman
Sheri Liebenthal
Linda Painter


Quality Assurance Committee:

Ivan Encelewski
Whitney Schollenberg
Janet Mullen
Pat Oskolkoff
Carrie Warren

David Bear

Subsistence Committee:

R. Greg Encelewski
W. Dean Kvasnikoff